Experiential Therapy

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Life can become overwhelming which can affect our relationships. I am honored to be here to help you through your challenging times so that you can have a life of positive connection and healthier ways of coping.
But first let’s answer a few questions you may have…

What is Experiential therapy?

Experiential Therapy is a therapeutic process that addresses the origin of your distress using movement, art, experiences, and combination of therapeutic techniques to tell your story. Experiential is a way to calm the brain by releasing stress from the brain. It is action oriented.

Why should I go to you for therapy?

As your therapist my job is to help you fall in love with yourself again; reconnect to you. In experiential therapy I use visuals, music, art, stories, props, and other experiences to help you find the root of your pain and support you in doing the work to gently take care of the wound. I work with you to establish self compassion so that you can develop self awareness and self acceptance. I have a passion for listening, guiding in creating experience, and bringing self awareness in order to understand your choices for surviving your stressors. I help by guiding you to the resolutions that are already within you.

I specialize in treating food addiction, alcohol abuse, codependency, disordered eating to including binge eating, emotional eating, and relational challenges.

You should come to me for therapy if you are you experiencing any of  the following:

  • Fallen out of love with yourself
  • Challenges in relationships or how you relate to people
  • Self medicating with food, alcohol, love/relationships, shopping, gambling, gaming, or other compulsive behaviors (click for more details)
  • Emotional eating, binging, or restricting food and feeling guilty afterwards
  • Difficulty setting or maintaining boundaries; can’t say No
  • Difficulty with self acceptance; self worth
  • Difficulty with accepting your body (body image challenges)
  • Looking to address unresolved issues and emotional pain
  • Struggling with the pain of unresolved trauma, loss, ungrieved hurts
  • Have difficulty coping with depression and/or anxiety

Let’s schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation!!!

I provide a place of SAFETY, judgement free, shame free, and blame free for my clients ages 13 and up. I use listening to activate change. I do not tell you what to do! You are the expert of your life that will run into your own truth. I’m just a guide.

Sessions are active and assignments are given between sessions.

We don’t just talk, we feel, we work.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available!

I also provide Intensives!

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation today!

Ask about Walk and Talk Therapy…

Walk and Talk therapy is a therapy approach that involves using talk therapy in combination with exercise and being outside with nature for a relaxed and calming effect. I utilize walk and talk therapy for individuals who are drawn to nature and feel safe talking about their issues while moving.

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