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Virtual Appointments only until further notice due to COVID-19.

Life can become overwhelming which can affect our relationships. I am honored to be here to help you through your challenging times so that you can have a life of positive connection and healthier ways of coping.

But first let’s answer a few questions you may have…

What is eclectic therapy?

Eclectic therapy is a form of therapy in which the therapist uses more than one theoretical approach or multiple sets of techniques to support the client’s needs. The focus of eclectic therapy is resolving the presenting issue and helping the client to maintain a level of satisfaction in life and/or reduction in symptom.

Why should I go to you for therapy?

As your therapist my job is to help you fall in love with yourself again; reconnect to you. In using an eclectic theoretical approach I use techniques from different modalities to best assist the client with their need. My primary approach is experiential and other modalities are integrated based on need of the client. The client is the focus. I use these combination of techniques to help you find the root of your pain and support you in doing the work to gently take care of the wound. I work with you to establish self compassion so that you can develop self awareness and self acceptance. I have a passion for listening, guiding in creating experience, and bringing self awareness in order to understand your choices for surviving your stressors. I help by guiding you to the resolutions that are already within you. Feel. Heal. Deal.

I specialize in working with women on challenges in relationships, codependency, perfectionism, disordered eating, grief/loss, inner child healing, and self discovery.

I use an eclectic therapeutic approach that is primarily experiential in addition to Alternative Healing Therapies such as energy healing, meditation, tapping, yoga, and more.

I also treat anxiety and depression.

You should come to me for therapy if you are you experiencing any of  the following:

  • Fallen out of love with yourself
  • Looking to do inner child healing work
  • Unresolved shame that has been difficult to let go
  • Challenges in relationships or how you relate to people or self.
  • Emotional eating, bingeing, or restricting food and feeling guilty afterwards
  • Difficulty setting or maintaining boundaries; can’t say No
  • Difficulty with self acceptance; self worth
  • Difficulty with accepting your body (body image challenges)
  • Looking to address unresolved issues and emotional pain
  • Struggling with the pain of unresolved trauma, grief, loss, un-grieved hurts
  • Struggling to let go the need to be perfect
  • Have difficulty coping with depression and/or anxiety
  • Struggling with questions of self identity and why you exist
  • Shame around sex and sexuality
  • Looking for a more integrative and holistic approach to care for your mental health needs

Let’s schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation!!!

I provide a place of SAFETY, judgement free, shame free, and blame free for my clients ages 18 and up. I use listening to activate change. I do not tell you what to do! You are the expert of your life that will run into your own truth. I’m just a guide.

Sessions are active and assignments are given between sessions.

We don’t just talk, we feel, we heal, we deal.

Daytime and evening appointments available

I also provide Intensives!

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