Online Therapy


Sometimes our schedules can get crazy which don’t allow time to drive to see your therapist. After sitting in traffic and fighting crazy construction routes, dropping kids off at their practices, finding a sitter and grabbing dinner you are too tired to unpack your stuff. Maybe you’re looking to find a therapist that’s not local OR prefer teletherapy as oppose to face to face OR you live in a rural town with limited access to a therapist. This is where online therapy can become convenient for you.

I offer online therapy for individuals who are residents of North Carolina only!

  • The approach to therapy remains the same as if it was face to face however there are some limitations that will be discussed if this is the approach you choose.
  • Online therapy is not recommended for individuals with history of distress or crisis, moderate to severe psychiatric symptoms, or who are currently in a crisis.
  • Online therapy can be provided in addition to face to face therapy.
  • I use a HIPAA compliant and user friendly software to conduct online therapy sessions

Fees for online therapy remains the same as face to face therapy.


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