Integrative Mental Health


As I work and study more on how to better serve my clients I will officially be moving into a more integrative approach. What this means is that I will offer CAT or complementary and alternative therapies to focus on the whole person; holistic care in addition to talk therapy. These complementary and alternative therapies include energy therapy (energy healing), mind body therapy (yoga, meditation), and food and nutrition psychoeducation with talk therapy.

CAT does not provide a replacement for mental health medications. CAT just provide a supplement to what you are already doing. In completing a treatment plan it will incorporate lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, nutrient therapy consisting of beneficial dietary supplements, and also considerations for services such as acupuncture, massage therapy, mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, energy therapy and more. IMH appeals to clients who are seeking to treat their mental health diagnosis with as few prescription medications as possible and in a more holistic manner.

IMH consultations and follow-up visits may not be covered under many insurance plans. You will need to verify with your insurance to see if your plan covers this type of service or what integrative mental health service they do cover if you are interested. If your insurance does not cover you can request this type of service as private pay.
I will continue to offer talk therapy. IMH is a specialized treatment.

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