Family Therapy

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Families are suppose to get along right? Sometimes that is not always the case. You maybe longing for the day that you can go on family vacations without the aruguing, the stress of trying to communicate with everyone to get them on the same page; or to deal with elephants standing in the room (addiction, divorce, death, illness, etc.).

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is designed to help families with addressing challenges that affect the family dynamic using experiential therapy, experiences. In family therapy a safe place is provided for each individual to be able to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without judgment, shame, blame, or isolation.

Why should I go to you for family therapy?

I am all about building relationships and sustaining relationships even in a family setting. The areas that I provide family therapy include:

  • Family recovery treatment for addiction, codependency, and disordered eating
  • communication challenges

My job in family therapy is to:

  • use experiential therapy to tell the story and heal the wounds
  • guide the family with experiential learning and bringing awareness to different strategies to resolve conflict
  • learn productive ways to relate to each other
  • and identify ways to open the lines of communication between each individual unit in the family.

Intensives are available for families who would like to jump start to reaching family stability and conflict resolution.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.

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