Relationship Therapy


Until then couples are encouraged to attend our Relationship Clinic. See details below.

I serve couples and singles who are currently struggling to navigate their relationship or relationships or have intimacy issues. Below is a list of what brings clients into my office.

  • family of origin issues
  • value differences
  • need support navigating the relationship or relationships (traditional and non traditional)
  • sex and intimacy challenges
    • fears and shame around sex and sexuality (sexual shadow work)
    • change in sex drive
    • challenges communicating your desires and needs in the relationship and in/out bedroom
  • navigating dating life
  • support through break up or relationship transitions

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I provide a place of SAFETY, judgement free, shame free, and blame free for my clients ages 18 and up. I use listening to activate change. I do not tell you what to do! You are the expert of your life that will run into your own truth. I’m just a guide.

Sessions are active and assignments are given between sessions.

We don’t just talk, we feel, we heal, we deal.

Daytime and evening appointments available

I also provide Monthly Couples Intensives! Register today

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