Step-Couples Therapy

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It’s okay that first marriage didn’t work out. Now you’re married again and don’t want to end this one in divorce. You don’t have to wait until your relationship is beyond repair to seek help. Get proactive.

What is step-couples therapy?

Step-Couples therapy is designed to help couples who have remarried with addressing challenges that threaten the coupleship. These challenges include but not limited to blending the family, coparenting, dealing with the ex, money, work-life balance, children, and just maintaining a new relationship.

In step-couples therapy a safe place is created to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you want to address without judgment, blame, or shame. It is a place to maintain connection. It is a place where you learn problem solving skills. It is a place where team work is priority.

Step-Couples therapy also provides an environment that encourages you to be open and honest about the realities of relationships and set expectations and boundaries.

Why should I go to you for step-couples therapy?

As a therapist and part of a step-couple I specialize in working with step-couples.

My job in step-couples therapy is providing a safe and therapeutic place for you, the couple, to work on your challenges, make informed decisions, and thrive individually and as a couple using experiences ti tell your story in order to understand the foundation. I work as your guide in a collaborative approach to build on the strength of team work in making step-coupling successful by creating a connection that you can fall in love with. You, the couple, provide a commitment to your work to make a change in your relationship that’s acceptable for both you and your partner. In doing so I help you to:

  • create and sustain a healthy and happy re-marriage and blended family
  • consult with self to identify ways to work together to problem solve any challenge in a healthy manner
  • identify the language of you and your partner and learn to speak it fluently to improve communication
  • get the romance back in and out of the bedroom
  • increase security, closeness, and connection in intimate relationships.
  • increase closeness and friendship behaviors, address conflict productively, and build a life of shared meaning together
  • Identify and respect differences in values and learn to coexist harmoniously

What if my partner isn’t ready to come?

If you find that your partner isn’t ready to come and still want to work on some relationship goals individually you can definitely still schedule an appointment for relationship counseling.

What if I am not in a coupleship but wanting help with relationship goals?

Relationship counseling is also available for those who are not currently in a relationship and looking to work on relationship goals, set boundaries, overcome challenges in dating,  explore life after divorce, or build a stronger relationship with self or others (friends, family, coworkers, etc.).


Intensives for couples are available for those who want a jumpstart on reaching couple goals. Ask about intensives!

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.

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