Addiction Counseling 

Addiction is the compulsive use of substances or engagement in activities that one uses to bring about a pleasurable feeling. This compulsive behavior leads to interference with all areas of one’s life and the lives of their loved ones.

Is it time for a change? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you escape through drug and/or alcohol use or activities?
  • Do you find a sense of release through shopping, gambling, drug, sex, love/relationship, people, food, gaming, exercise, etc.?
  • Are you self medicating to take away the emotional pain from your past? From your stressful day? To escape memories and pain from your trauma?
  • Do you find yourself enabling the addict in your family?
  • Are you a child of parents who had some form of addiction and you see the same patterns in your life?
  • Are you lying to your friends and family about the addiction in your home? Are you lying to yourself?
  • Are you ready to start your recovery journey?

I provide counseling to those that struggle with alcohol and food addiction and/or process addictions (love/relationship, gambling, gaming, shopping, codependency) in addition to a mental health diagnosis.
I help individuals

  • Address the root of the problem
  • Symptom management of mental health
  • Identify healthier ways of coping
  • Learn about choices and how to make choices to honor self
  • Learn skills to connect and reconnect to family supports and build new relationships
  • Be accountable in their recovery
  • Release the shame around their addiction and tell their story

I believe that addiction is a family issue and not just the issue of the individuals. I work with families and partners in providing family/couple counseling that’s focused on addressing family/couple issues and teaching skills to be successful as supporters not enablers.

I use a therapeutic approach that helps you develop a recovery plan that you can trust. Sessions are shame free, judgement free, and blame free!

Sessions with me are active and assignments are given between sessions.

We don’t just talk, we feel, we work.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available!

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Ask about Walk and Talk Therapy…

Walk and Talk therapy is a therapy approach that involves using talk therapy in combination with exercise and being outside with nature for a relaxed and calming effect. I utilize walk and talk therapy for individuals who are drawn to nature and feel safe talking about their issues while moving.

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